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The Cock Inn, The Shambles, Barnsley, 1777

The Lodge of Peace No.149 is a Masonic Lodge under the jurisdiction of The United Grand Lodge of England and of The Masonic Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

The Lodge Of Peace No. 149 on the Roll of the United Grand Lodge of England, and the third oldest surviving Lodge of Freemasons on the Province of Yorkshire (West Riding), holds firmly the tradition that it is the direct and legitimate descendant of an “Atholl” Lodge of “Ancient” Masons, founded at Barnsley, Yorkshire, in 1777 A.D.

This “Atholl” Lodge was Lodge No. 199 on the Roll of the Atholl Grand Lodge: it was warranted by that Grand Lodge by a Warrant of Constitution, dated 1st April 1777: it was constituted at the Cock Inn, The Shambles, Barnsley, on 4th June, 1777, and held its Lodge Meetings in that Inn.  

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